Kaitlyn Yates is a photographer based in the New York metropolitan area. Born in California's San Joaquin Valley, she was raised on both the west and east coasts. She relocated to New York City in 2012, where she earned her Bachelors of Arts at CUNY Hunter College.
 Her work catalogs slivers of the ordinary- namely moments in between, those that reflect joy, loss, boredom and contentment. In her work, she seeks to define the meaning or emotive nature of an experience for those living within it, interconnectivity, and the intimacy a space can possess based on who has existed within it. She is largely inspired by the idea of the fugacious nature of existence, as well as her own intimate experience with grief and loss. 
“I see the camera as a tool to not only analyze but to memorialize. It is a vessel to capture the transitory, the everyday and the mundane, but the beauty and joy that is worth celebrating in the moments we’d later reflect on and realize their value, with or without the moment of loss.”
She has been both internationally and nationally published and has been featured in multiple galleries. 
b. 1993
WeAreBKC/Seeing Collective’s Artist Relief Market, Brooklyn, NY, Summer 2020
Sonder Literature- Volume 2, Issue 1, Spring 2020, Dublin, Ireland
Toho Journal Issue 2, Volume 2- Fall 2020, Philadelphia, PA
The Photographers Collective- The Issue Winter 2019, New York, NY
Arts Community of Easton Large Works Show at the State Theatre, September 2021
Las Laguna Gallery, Women in Art, March 2021, Laguna Beach, CA 
WeAreBKC's x Seeing Collective's Artist Relief Market, December 2020, Waterfront Studios, Brooklyn, NY
Photographers Collective Mixed Media Pop-Up, Canvas Gallery, March 2019
Photographer's Collective Alternative Photography Show, January 2019. New York, NY

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